Hi there, we are Johnathan and Karen, we got married in 2020 and we are very grateful for the amazing hand of God over our lives. Our passion is to help others share light into people's hearts and this dream has been in our hearts for a while.

The reason why United for Christ was born is to bless and spread the love of our God around us. Let's do something meaningful spreading God's message all around us, not only by praying but also by giving (praying and giving). Together we serve at our local church as part of the worship team, this is truly a blessing.
We just love worship, do you love it too?
There is a special tee we made called, made to worship. If you get a chance check it out, it's one of our favourites.
It may sound cliche but we want to make a change in the world but we know It won't happen overnight. Great changes happen by one action at a time and you know what, every little or big step counts and can make a difference in a person's life. Every garment will get made with love praying that a small act brings a big transformation to everyone's life.

Sometimes we would like to say so many things but there are times when we will not know what to say or how to say it. Certain clothes don't make up who we are but they sure can help us express what we have in our hearts sometimes when we run out of words.

Let these messages do the talking when all you can do is pray and gift, let these messages be an encouragement to someone that doesn’t want to hear anything else, and let this break those walls through love. May messages spread positivity, love and encouragement to our lives and many others around us through the Power of the Mighty Word of God and His Holy Spirit.