"To maintain the beauty of your garment for as long as possible, follow these care instructions:

1. WASH ON COLD: Use cold water when washing to preserve the colors and integrity of the fabric.

2. DO NOT TUMBLE DRY: Air dry your garment instead of using a tumble dryer to prevent shrinkage and damage.

3. AVOID IRONING DIRECTLY ON VINYL: To protect the vinyl design, avoid ironing directly on it.

4. IRON ON LOW TEMPERATURE: Use low heat settings when ironing to prevent melting or damaging the fabric.

5. IRON INSIDE OUT IF POSSIBLE: For some vinyl designs, ironing inside out can further protect the design.

6. DO NOT BLEACH: Avoid using bleach as it can weaken the fabric and fade the colors.

By following these simple care instructions, you can ensure that your garment stays beautiful and vibrant for a long time to come."